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Used 1958 Dodge Custom Sierra D-500 350ci 361ci Carter Carburetor 2642S Dated J7

$200.59 USD
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-Up For Sale-
A Used Carter Carburetor
For the following applications

1958 Custom Royal, Custom Sierra, D-500
LD3-H, LD3-S
350ci, & 361ci V8
Stamp Number: 2642S
Date Code: J7
(September 1957)

All plates open & close smoothly without binding.
Idle mixture screws move as they should.
Linkage appears to be complete.
Plastic on the Choke housing is cracked.
Without knowing the history of this carburetor,
we're selling it for parts, or for Restoration.
I am not a Carburetor expert
This is my honest assessment.
Please Review Photos Carefully

No Warranty

If you have any questions regarding this part,
please contact us by email

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