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Starter, 3272, max-4045-a, max, 4045, a

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SKU 604-1069

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Ace Electric CM7115
AIM SG-00135R
Arrowhead Electrical Products SFD0038
BBB Industries 3213
BBB New N3213
Beck Arnley 187-6156
Beck Arnley New 189-6156
Bosch Newman SR7559N
Bosch Reman SR7559X
Bosch Service Europe 0-986-UN1-385, 0-986-UR1-385
Cargo 112588
Denso First Time Fit 280-5309
Dixie Electric S-2055, S-2055N
Ford 3L54-11000-AA, 3L5Z-11002-AA, 6L5T-11000-BA, 6L5Z 11V002-BARM, 6L5Z-11002-BA, 6L5Z-11002-BRM, F23Z-11002-BRM, F89U-11000-AA, F89U-11000-AB, F89Z-11002-AA, F89Z-11002-AARM
Ford Engineering 3L54-AA, F89U-AA, F89U-AB
IAT 520-3272
Industry 3272
J&N 410-14030
Lester 3272
Mazda 1F60-18-400, 1F60-18-400A, 1F60-18-400R0B, ZZP0-18-400, ZZP0-18-400A, ZZP0-18-400R0A
Model Number FORD PMGR
Motorcraft SA-859, SA-921, SA-949
MPA 3272S
NAPA 244-9308, 44-9288
PIC 150-314A
Powerite 3272
RCP ST-3272
Remy 27006
Romaine Electric 3272N, 41-3272
Standard Starter Drive 410109
Voltux V1-3272, V1-3272R
WAI 2-1887-FD, 2-1887-FD-1
Whatcom 67342
Wilson Auto Electric 91-02-5851
Wilson New 91-02-5851N
Zorkos 3272RS
Manufacture Ford
Design PMGR
Mounting Bolt Hole Quantity 3
Mounting Type Flange
Power Rating 1.4
Starter Rotation CW
Tooth Quantity 10
Voltage 12

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