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Can't Find what you're looking for? Click here!

1983-2004 Nissan Trucks Maxima Stanza Front Caliper Driver's (Left) Side # 41L

$62.04 USD
SKU 233751409987

Rebuild Services
Item for Sale: Brake Caliper

1983-86 Nissan 720 Pickup
1986-2002 Nissan D21 Pickup
1985-1988 Nissan Maxima
1986-88 Nissan Multi
1986-2004 Nissan Pickup
1986-89 Nissan Stanza

These may fit other years, makes and models. Please do your research prior to installing.

Placement: Front Driver's Side (Left)
Single Piston

We have several of these in stock. What is pictured may not be what you receive. It will have the same OEM # and be of the same condition.


These were purchased from an out of business auto parts store.

If you have questions regarding this item please contact us by email.

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