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1969-87 Chevrolet, GMC 4X4 Trucks USED pitman arm GMT9828A, 828GMT25A

$42.99 USD
SKU 232174764042
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Up for sale is a used pitman arm for the steering gear box, for the following applications:

1969-87 Chevrolet, GMC 4X4 Trucks

This may fit other years and other makes and models, so do your homework to determine if it's the one you need.

We don't have any history on this pitman arm, so it is being sold in "as is" condition with a 30 day warranty.

This pitman arm has 9 splines and has a 1.250" diameter hole for the sector shaft, good splines and in great shape. This pitman arm is about 7.50" in length.

Casting Part numbers are 58GMT9828A, 828GMT25A, B828GMT, A828GMT, 4660GM.  There is a variety of casting numbers but they all measure and look the same. If you want a specific casting number please specify which one you prefer when you order the pitman arm.  

If you have any questions regarding this part contact us by email

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