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1967 Ford Mustang, Mercury Cougar 289 Cid used Smog air pump pulley C7OE-9B447-B

$56.31 USD
SKU 331864116081

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For sale is a good straight Smog Air pump pulley for the following applications:

1967 Ford Mustang 289 Cid vehicles with Thermactor Emissions
1967 Mercury Cougar 289 Cid vehicles with Thermactor Emissions

This may fit other years and other makes and models, so do your homework to determine if it's the one you need.
This pulley measures 4.750" in diameter, 0.500" tall and has a 0.375" wide belt groove. This pulley has a .625" bore and 4 bolt holes.

The stamped number on the pulley is C7OE-9B447-B.

This pulley comes with a 30 day warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this part contact us by email

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