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1966 Buick Models 340ci V8 USED distributor 1111144 Date 6-B-25

$50.15 USD
SKU 332226563431

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For sale is a used Delco Remy distributor for the following applications:

1966 Buick Models with 340ci engines

This may fit other years and other makes and models, so do your homework to determine if it's the one you need.

It is stamped 1111144, with build date of 6-B-25 (Feb 25 1966 for a 1966 model year). The weight tower number is 728-CCW and the Vacuum advance number of MS-210-16. The vacuum advance does hold vacuum.

We don't have any history on this distributor, so it is being sold in "as is condition"  without warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this part contact us by email

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