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1966-68 Mustang Shelby GT-350 XR-7 289 HIPO "K" code new water pump rebuild kit

$83.59 USD
SKU 333386732030

Rebuild Services

Up for sale is a new water pump rebuild kit for the following applications:

1966-68 Ford Mustang, Fairlane with 289 Cid HIPO "K" code engines.

1966-68 Mercury Comet with 289 Cid HIPO "K" code engines.

This new water pump kit consists of the following parts:

1- new water pump bearing

1- new water pump unitized seal

1- new replacement HIPO 6-fin impeller

1- new fan hub

1- new water pump back plate

1- new back plate gasket

1- new water pump mounting gasket

 This kit is for both the C6 and C8 Cast-iron water pump housings only.  The C5 cast iron housing takes a different bearing, but everything else is the same. We have the 1963-65 aluminum pump rebuild kit in another auction.

This is a new cast iron repoduction of the original Ford HIPO 6- curved fin water pump impeller. These are made to be pressed fit on to a new standard .625" water pump bearing.

You will need a unitized water pump seal installation tool that is not provided in this kit.

If you are not familiar with the rebuilding process you should not try to rebuild it yourself and should send it in to be rebuilt. We will not warranty this kit if it damaged due to faulty installation.

If you would like your original water pump rebuilt with this new HIPO water pump kit you can contact us to make arrangements for this service.

If you are interested in a larger quantity just contact us for volume discounts.

Hart Bros Core sells and rebuilds automotive water pumps